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Ok! Let’s talk Jumping Castles!

Posted By Lena aka mum of 3  
12:40 PM

So jumping castles are a thing at birthday parties and all major events. When a kid sees one, eyes light up and a switch in their little head clicks and they know “it’s time to parttttyyyy” - they go from zero to 400 hundred just to get on it and will crash tackle anyone in their way (or is it just my kids?).

I love that these big bags of air keep them entertained, excited and out of my hair for hours! I recently came across the god father of all jumping castles - basically a waterpark in your backyard (yes you heard me right). 

An all in one jumping castle with a slide, splash pool and water cannon made by Little Kids Jumping Castles.I introduced it to my children ages 8, 4 and 3 and I wanted to get their thoughts on having it at one of their parties (wasn’t entirely sure if my 8 year old was still into this but the response I got was perfect)! “Mum I can’t wait I’m so excited” and “all my friends are going to be so excited”.

Little did they know that it was theirs to keep! All theirs to use whenever they wanted and I could use it over and over for all the birthday parties and events our big family had. They could play on it for hours and hours to their hearts content and we didn’t have to send it back when we were done.

Party day arrived and it was a hit! The kids loved the jumping castle and their excited voices went next level (sorry neighbours)! But the joy, laughter and fun they all had were the memories I wanted my children to have. All the parents gave me a big thumbs up and mainly because their kids were tired at the end from all the excitement and jumping. It really was the only entertainment required to keep this awesome bunch of kids happy.

These jumping castles are of the highest of quality grade materials and extremely durable.  Little Kids Jumping Castles is an Australian family owned and operated business. 

Lena Hovardas 
(aka mum to Harrison, Andrew & Estelle)